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126 starter problems

I could not start my car (1982 300SD) on Monday since it was so cold and I was told that part of the problem was the starter. On Friday I picked up a rebuilt starter and had that installed. At the same time I switched my ignition switch. After the starter was installed the car started without a problem. On the way home I stopped at the gas station and it took two tries to start the car. The first time all I heard was a click. The engine would not turn over. When I went out at night it took two tried to start the car. I was at a restaurant for about an hour and again it took two tries to start the car. We stopped at a different place and where there for about 20 mins. I lost track of the number of times I tried to start the car. Eventually it started and I dropped it off at the garage that had done the work and took a bus home. This morning I kept switching the car on and off to get it to replicate the problem. It did not. I drove to where I got the starter from and when I got back in the car it took multiple tries to start the car.

I put in another starter and had the same problems. We hooked up a cable directly from the battery to the starter and still had the same problem. Hooked up a boosting pack to the battery and still had the same problem.

Mechanic says itís the starter. Place I got both starters from says there is something else wrong.

Any ideas. Any help would be really appreciated.

I am desperate
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