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Question W126 Lower Ball Joints pressed in,not flush--problem?

A local Mercedes independant pressed in my Lemforder lower ball joints (purchased from The Parts Shop). The lip of the ball joint is not flush in the groove of the steering knuckle. It sits up 1-2 mm from bottoming in the groove. One of them is slightly canted. Both ball joints extend out the bottom of the steering knuckle about 1/2 mm.

The shop used the official tool for pressing (monsterous C-clamp thing), some clear grease or silicone seal (I can't tell which), and a 3 foot cheater. I had them try to squeeze in the ball joints even further a second time but that's all they would go.

I'm sure they're in really tight, but don't know if not bottoming in the groove is acceptable. Would like to do the job right as the originals lasted 330,000 miles. Please advise.
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