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To remove the door pannel, take out all the screws (including those holding on the arm rest, etc.) Next, use a flat object to pry the plastic clips (that hold the door pannel to the door frame) apart. Lastly lift upward on the door pannel to free it from the door. Do not force this part of the process, it is likely if it come hard, you have missed something. This is where things get broken.

My front window was simply stuck, because there are "stop tabs" at the top of the mechanicism. These "stop tabs" (2 on the window frame & 2 bolted to the door frame)butt up togeather when the window reaches the top and keep the window from raising too high. Mine had jumped by each other (sorry for the poor explaination) and got jammed. Very simple to fix, remove the ones bolted to the door frame, lower the window a bit and rebolt them back on. Be patient enough to look carefully and break nothing.

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