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First, let me correct a mistake in my original post:

I should have said that the ABS light is not on, not the ASR light. I am not even sure if my car has an ASR light. I have read in many other posts, as well as in Steve Brotherton's DIY engine controls article that an erratic idle condition could often be traced back to a bad OVP relay or OVP relay fuse. Even so, I state again, the ABS light is not on.

So after reading Screedchan's update, I am unsure as to whether or not my car has an OVP. Plus my idle condition is unlike any I have read in other posts. I do not have a rough idle or stall problem, nor do I have a hot or cold related starting problem - I only have a constant fast idle after my car warms up.


Does my car have an OVP ? If so, where is it located ?
Where is the idle control valve located ? Could this be the culprit ?

Thanks for any and all help,
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