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I'm new to MB's, but my 190 2.6 leaks in the same place. Pretty common from what can gather.

I've lost about a 1/2 qt. over the 2K miles/since August 07. It is not much to worry about. It seems to leak out o the passenger side and work its way down along the block, making for some oily sway bars and all.

I will be replacing that seal next weekend because I don't like my cars to leak oil . From what I understand , the leak is a splash type leak, that is, not coming from a high pressure passage, so some seepage can be tolerated.

It seems like an easy fix and it is the right thing to do with the other fixes I had in mind (timing chain tensioner, cam seal and dist. seal). I figure some gaskets, seals, labor, GOJO, a couple of friends and some beer and I'll be done in time to watch the game!
1993 190E 2.6 135k
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