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Injection timing for a 617 engine

My uncle called me today and wanted to know what the "injection timing" for a 617 is. He has a 85 wagon that broke a timing chain and blew up the engine. Its still in the mechanics hands and they cant get it to stop smoking black now that the engine has been rebuilt. The mechanics think the injection timing is the problem, and need to know the correct spec. I have a mercedes service manual (i beleive it came with my car) that gives you technical advice like how to hotwire it and adjusting the valves, but I couldn't find injection timing anywhere.

My guess is the answer is something like for example "24 degrees past a certain point on" (24 degrees sounds familiar?). I may be completely wrong. And what sucks is that the mechanic is an old guy and doesnt know what internet is and I will have to snail mail him the timing. Oh well

Shouldnt there be a sticker by the radiator or something? I couldnt find one.
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