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My MB V8 is the M117. I presume you're a shadetree mech like the majority of us.

Recommend that you take a hard look at the MB Manual regarding R&I of the cylinder head. I'll send you the tools list from the manual.
- The tools can be had at:
- (least expensive that I've found)
- for the 2 "common" allen head tools I would buy nothing less than Snap-On's. Not the complete sets, just the ones you need. Did a head job on my Volvo a while back and needed the long reach. Best money I ever spent.

I recommend that you (consider):
- purchase the MB manual either in paper from MB direct or better yet, on CD-ROM from PartsShop (this website). Nothing against Chiltons, but beyond fundamentals there is nothing like the factory manual.
- Change out the chain, chain tensioner and upper phenolic rails while your at it.
- Intake manifold and head bolts can be a real bear. It's easy to round out the allen head on the intake manifold bolt. Make sure you're using a high quality tool and get it fully seated. Don't "ease" into the load. Use a sharp firm movement.

Best of luck.
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