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Hi Jim,in B.C. we are required to take our cars and light trucks for an emissions test every year.The test done before I bought the car showed 3%,20% as the fail point.Now they have a new test that is more comprehensive,the car is accelerated to 45 kmh,then slowed to 30 kmh,then accelerated to 92 kmh.The test takes about 2 1/2 minutes and is more realistic.This test showed 16.29%,30% fail point.If you fail the 'AirCare' you can license it for 3 months,so you can repair it,then test it again(at $24/test).A car becomes very hard to sell if it can't pass the test.Our new provincial gov't (like your state gov't)is going to abolish the testing or so they say.This is a step backwards IMO because the smog level in the summer around Vancouver can get as bad as LA
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