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Rear Headrest Switch / Relay?


The rear headrests on my '94 e320 stopped falling when I pushed the button. So I popped up the rear seat and tested the vaccuum. The vaccuum checked good (when I bypassed the relay / switch the headrests fell). So I took off the electrical connection from the dash switch and decided to test the voltages on the pins to see if the dash switch or the relay was to blame.

I measured all pins to chassis ground. I got 11.8 volts on the pin with the black / green wire. Every other pin measured 0 volts. Nothing happend when I pressed the dash switch. I'm guessing the dash switch is bad, but would like to remove it from the panel to test it individually before I spend money on a new one.

What is the best way to remove this switch from the dashboard w/o damaging the dash? I'm guessing this is a PBNO type switch, am I correct? If someone could send me the proper voltages and normal switch operation information, I would be most appreciative.

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