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300SL Questions

Thanks for the help y'all have provided with questions about my recently acquired 1992 300SL. I have a few more.

The armrests in both doors will not open to access the storage compartment. They seem to be locked. I have tried all three positions of the central locking system cylinder in the dash and have locked and unlocked the doors from inside and outside, but no luck. All other compartments open just fine. Any ideas?

I see a mesh windscreen mentioned in the owners manual, but I don't have one. Was that standard? Any suggestions where to get one? Is it supposed to be stored behind the cover at the back wall of the trunk?

The console cover/armrest is in rough shape. Any suggestions where to get a replacement?

I am missing a few miscellaneous plastic trim pieces. The dealer charges an arm and a leg for things like that and I haven't located an SL at any of the local junk yards to pick over. Are there any mail order places that part out Mercedes?

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