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Same Problem!!! Same year!!! Same diagnosis

I am having the same problem. My car is hard to start unless I keep my foot on the gas. Stalls in stop and go traffic if the A/C is on, no A/C...runs fine but idles low and surges occasionaly but no stalls. I just got it back from the shop and the Tech said the Cruise Control/Idle module (P/N 0001415725) is the problem. I did not see nor did he provide the code. The cost is $750 for the part (new) and about $275 Labor. This has been going on for quite sometime and for that kind of $$$ I figure I can live with it for now. Just had the wiring harness done for $750 and this car is starting to become a money pit. New Alternator $550. Motor Mounts $280. Belt Tensioner more $$$. On top of my $500 + car payment (paid off in July) you can see my frustration. I feel your pain! BTW, I found one of these units on a slavaged car for $400 w/ 90day warranty.
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