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Sorry to hear about the repaint-first thing I'd try is to properly clean, glaze & wax the adjacent panels and then compare to the new fender. If the match is still poor, I'd return to the body shop & complain-I've had my White 300TE painted on several occasions, and the paint match is perfect (so it can be done)

De-badging is a Euro thing-I think it started because Europeans don't want to be conspicuous (or more of a thief's target) with their model numbers- if you pull the trunk and c pillar badges, a 600SEL to the untrained eye looks much like a 300SDL worth $50k less.

I like the clean look of a debadged car. I've debadged my black 300D, and have run my 500E debadged in the past...I think I'm either gonna pull it back off, or replace it with "260E". Or wasn't there a 240E in europe? 200?
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