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Question Lambda results questions

I recently checked the lambda value on my '91 190E 2.3, looking for answers to a rough start and sluggish acceleration. I was using a Fluke 87 to measure the duty cycle and the results are confusing me. Rather than the 45 - 50% I was expecting, the duty cycle varied a great deal. values would bounce from 0 to 100, then drop quickly through the range, with values in the 80's. 50's, 20's etc. Then the cycle would repeat with lots of variation. I had a good chassis ground and a good connection to #3 pin on the diagnostic plug. The engine was also warm, at 80C. The car doesn't really run bad, just a bit rough on idle and a bit weak on the acceleration. The engine has 148K on it. Any suggestions as to where to check next. I haven't checked the EHA current yet, but will look at it this weekend to see what the controller is actually doing. Any thoughts you may have would be appreciated.
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