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500e questions


I just bought a 1991 500E with 116'000 kilometres after 18 months spent in company of a Ford Escort Cosworth (Hardcore Euro Rally Special Hatchback ) and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant! It's really as good as everyone says it is. I wanted a car with the same sort of ground-covering ability as the Cossie, but with more refinement ( I got sick of all of the extra noises in the Cossie ). Which eventually led me to the 500E....

Unfortunately, all is not well : There is a rattle coming from the sunroof. I have checked and tightened all the screws I could see, but that didn't solve anything. I didn't take anything off, I don't feel qualified to do so, and so I'll have to have it fixed.

Who would you go to, a car audio specialist or the official Mercedes-Benz dealership?

I also have a problem with the pneumatic folding rear headrests which are not coming down, nothing happens when I press on the button. I tried with engine on and off.

I suspect this is a very expensive job for not much of a reward.

What would you do?

Finally, there is a button on the dash on the right of the hazard lights switch which shows a wheel with a snowchain on it.
What does this thing do exactly? I understand it doesn't really turn off the ASR?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Drive safe.
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