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103 Rear Seal: How to?

Im doing an engine transplant on my 1989 300SEL and Ive got the donor engine out of the wrecked car and on the garage floor. I was looking it over and notice some, not a lot but some, oil and grime around the rear crankshaft seal. I figured it would be a great time to do the rear main seal, just to be safe.
In checking my All Data, it said to pry out the old seal with a screwdriver and then use a special tool to set the new seal. Does anybody know if I must use this special tool, or is there a technique I can use to get the new seal in place? I did some extensive research in the archives and the best reference I could come up with was this sentence from a previous post:

Yes you can put in a new seal without special tool just remove rear crankshaft seal cover punch oil seal out install new seal,seal the cover with sealer.

Im not sure what this means. Can anybody help me out?

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