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i think i figured it out.
i have a multi-faceted problem (the whole car is, but that's besides the point...)
the rear door lock just needed some lubricant.
the trunk lock...i think i mentioned i can't lock it (luckily, it's unlocked already...) can't be locked, hopefully (please, car gods, please!) because i have only one key, which could be the valet key. i don't know this for sure, but i'm going to buy a new set of keys soon, i should find out then.

but. now to the point.

i am quite sure my vacuum system doesn't work.
actually, 100% sure, because i have to lock/unlock everything manually.
i hear other people talking about "hearing it cycle"
nothing. i don't hear anything when i lock from any door. does that mean the whole system is dead? taken out maybe? in other words, the real question, where do i start looking if it seems i don't have a vacuum system, or that it's completely disabled?
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