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Diesel Girl looking for some Gasser Help

Hi All,
I'm normally a MB diesel girl, but came across a gasser for sale that looks interesting. I'm looking for a bit of value help.

Car is 1966, light blue, decent paint, no rust I could detect.
Duel carb, 6 cyl, told it runs well, will see on test
drive this after. 4 speed. Says 230 on the trunk
Interior looks decent for the age, navy blue, a few rips in the driver
seat, back seat looks fair. Beige carpet on back parcel tray.

Seller was asking $4500 but lowered to $2900.

If it runs and drives well, how much?
If it needs some mechs done, how much?

Ginny in Denver-ish
78 300SD, 265K (mine)
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