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I am looking at purchasing a 90-92 SL Roadster. I am looking at these years because of price primarily

Having owned a new 1992 500 SEL, which was a nightmare of a car,I want to get the most basic, dependable, least expensive to maintain newer bodystyle roadster.

Would love to have a V8 but not sure the 6cyl isn't the best choice for me.

I live 60 miles away from an Authorized Mercedes service center, and those Mechanics that ARE local, wont touch my 1996 S500.
So, my goal is to get a Mercedes that can be serviced locally, by a mechanic I trust in my town, who doesn't have the computer systems, etc, required to work on the more technically advanced 1992 and newer S-Class.
Is this true for the SL roadsters?

Would like to hear everyones opinions, and advice on the matter.

I have a friend who's Mercedes Mechanic is selling his personal Black w/Grey leather, 1991 300SL with 90K, has bolster wear, console pieces broken, near perfect paint, new tires, all books and records, new transmission (common repair?)for $26,000, sounds like a good deal, but I am not opposed to paying more if there is a more reliable model or year.