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OK, I'm a little touchy on this right now, but here goes: I bought a 90 300SL in Feb of this one month my #1 fuse blew and wouldn't take current...the rollbar warning light came on a month ago, and two weeks ago the seatbelts locked up solid...the same time every flick of the turn signal lit up every idiot light and pegs all the electric estimate (just an estimate) $3839.00....seatbelts HAVE to be replaced as the dealership WON'T attempt to repair due to liability---4hrs labor for each. I was informed my WHOLE instrument cluster was roasted....$1500.00 including labor. My independent mechanic checked the car out and gave it an A-OK before purchase. Now, after all this, Once I pay for it, all I can say is, aside from being absolutely sure of what you buy (other people's headaches), if you are used to POWER, go with the 500. I can stand on the gas in stop and go traffic and stop before I get near the car in front of me. Kinda scary when merging..... Nonetheless, I love the car...BUT, it IS my first of luck...