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well, i did two jobs.... the horseshoe gasket and the oil level sender o-ring.

500 miles later, haven't lost a drop of oil.

I think it was the horseshoe gasket that was the real issue.

I had replaced the valve stem seals and that didn't cure the issue... although i am glad i spent the 30 dollars to do the stem seals and a new valve cover gasket

When i got the car at 124k i was losing or burning a quart at 1200 miles... it had dipped down to 350-400 miles a quart at 166k even after doing the valve stem seals.

I started to get more of a cue that it was at least the horseshoe gasket when i started to smell oil burning when the car was stopped. oil was leaking onto the exhaust pipes or manifold or something.

i suspect it was more of a horseshoe problem..because very little oil was coming out of the oil level sender. That was a 20 minutes job.

I know 500 miles isn't a real indicator...but a couple of weeks ago , i would have already added an entire quart of oil.

i'll post again at about 2k miles or whenever it is low a quart. My light comes on when it is down a quart.

I could not find the 5910 the day i wanted to do the job. Spent 16 dollars on some red stuff... it seems to be working. If it doesn't i'll get the 5910.

i have one more horseshoe gasket in the parts bin. I may do the sons 300e. He seems to have a small leak there
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