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If I understand what you are saying, you are trying to take the door panel off to access the seat switch.

You may have already removed some of this stuff, but I will go through the steps I take as if you have not begun removal.

Remove the chrome plates(2) at the door latch area.
Remove the small chrome plate at the top front of the door(inside).
Remove the two screws in the arm rest.
Remove any screws along the bottom trim of the door panel.
Using a small flat edge screw driver carefully remove the plastic door handle insert. Doing so reveals a phillips screw. Remove screw.
Pull the door handle as if to open the door and hold. At the same time work the chrome backing plate down so you reveal the phillips screw securing the top of the door armrest.
Remove screw. Lay the armrest aside.
Remove "puddle" light from under door. Unplug and set aside.
The door panel should lift up and out. Plastic clips holding the panel in place may need coaxing in an upward lift. In some cases, the doors are secured by plastic plugs around the base. But most likely try to lift up first in a rocking motion to free the plastic clips.

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