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Originally posted by Ali Al-Chalabi
The fuel gauge in my 97 C280 occasionally gives the wrong indication, but works most of the time, I strongly believe that the problem is with the senders (two of them in the tank). I'm not too worried, though. When it does act up, usually once per tank of gas when the tank is around half full, it dances around and gives wrong indications for no more than 30 seconds. Although it has not done so in about a month.
The W202 has two fuel tanks (hence two senders). It sounds like your problem occurs at the point when feed switches from one to the other (I am told this is how it works, rather than drawing from both simultaneously). Unfortunately the tanks have to be dropped on the W202 to replace the senders. I've just had mine done today under warranty (guage showed empty when tank was very full, probably a sticky float).
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