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If you are in North America, I would reconsider getting the Hella units. I got mine for my 190E from Puma in Ohio. He told me I would need nothing to install them. Yes they were nice quality, but they came with the Euro bulb holder(2 prong connector )which holds a single filament bulb.I had to use my old bulb holder and swap in 2 orange dual filament bulbs(which were supplied). The problem is that the old holders have 2 tabs on the side(180deg. apart) and the new units have 3 openings(at 60 deg. apart to accept the euro bulb holders. I had to file down one tab on my old bulbholder ,file another opening in the new units, and press them in. They will not lock in place like they should, but they won't go anywhere.
I don't think you would have to go through this with the Bosch, but I could be wrong.
You do not really see the orange bulbs through the hella ones, maybe they are less shiney and clear?
You can always opt for the smoked ones(I think they are InPro?).I actually think they would match the lights better.
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