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It was'nt the first gear second gear thing. I dont think it was temp either as we kinda overheated the first car. He is taking the car to a benz dealer this week to get checked out. Maybe they will find something. He got a 90 day warranty on it. Kinda wierd the way I was the one looking and he bought one. The 400 is a lot more car than my 190. Kinda tells you how impressive the car is. I cant wait to buy one, but I think I'll hang for awhile and see what happens to my bosses car. I had a 87 GN from 1990 till 1995 when we traded it in on the 190. Mildly modified (ATR chip, converter and ram air) and I would have bet on the first 400 we drove. It had that much power. The second one was'nt nearly that strong. I was going to pull the plugs and look at them but all the covers on the motor made it look like a pain in the ass. The first car smoked the tires in first and then kinda half spun them all the way to second. Something is definetly different on these two cars. Wait and see I guess. I'll keep you posted.