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280 C Dwell Settings

I am currently having problems with the ignition on my 1974 280C. What is the gap settings for the points? I have tried to get the dwell up to 30 to 40 degrees per the manual but I can't seem to get it this high and still have the vehicle start. I have set the point gap at .016" which gives me a dwell angle of 26 deg. If I try to set the gap any closer the car won't start. The car has a slight driveability problem. It has a hesitation off idle. It's not a huge problem, it doesn't die but my wife complains about it. If you are more agressive with the throttle it comes off idle fine but under normal conditions it has a hesitation. When you shut the vehicle off I get a slight back fire through the exhaust system. I have the timing set at 4 deg ATDC and it goes up to about 7 deg BTDC with the vacuum line removed from the distributor at idle. Total advance is around 39 deg BTDC. The vacuum at idle is 15 " HG. Do I have a bad set of points? Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. I also recently change the plugs out which had no effect.
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