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Robert W. Roe
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There's a 1991 300D 2.5 turbo for sale that has drawn my interest. 178K
miles, dealer maintained, US$11K. Does this sound like a reasonable

Also, how are these engines compared to the older 5 cylinder turbo's?
Are they also prone to oil pump blockage like I've read about in the
6's? Any other costly engine gremlins in these cars? Are the heads
aluminum or iron?

Does anyone have one of these cars? How do you like it in terms of
handling, agility, acceleration, top end, reliability, maintenance, etc.
especially compared to a 124 300E? I see that the car is about 100 lb
heavier than a 300E and 123 hp vs 177 or so.

Thanks in advance for any helpful experience or insight,

Robert W. Roe
1983 300SD 264K mi