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Tranny problem

Took my '87 300E to fix tranny leak and the shop told me not to do it! The mechanic told me fixing the leak is easy but requires all new seals, governor, and lines. There is no guarentee that the tranny will not blow up soon, given the high mileage on the car (over 260K). He sugguested to get a rebuilt since my tranny needs major overhaul to stop the leak, and the cost is closed to $1,000. Anyway, the shop has a hard time locating a tranny from their supplier. So I called the dealer and a rebuilt costs $1,800 and 7.5 hours of labor. Is there any other way to fix the tranny without spending a fortune as I plan on fixing the engine as well. Where can I buy a rebuilt without going to the dealer? Anybody know of a reputable shop in Maryland who can work on tranny at a reasonable price? I need help!!
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