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Angry Life Expectancy of Rebuilt Alternators

Hi Guys,

The car is an '82 240D that I purchased in August of 2000. I noticed in the maintenance records that the alternator was replaced with a rebuilt unit a couple of years before I bought the car.

Last year in November, the alternator quit and I purchased a rebuilt Bosch for about $140 from a local parts shop. But before I purchased that rebuilt unit, I did try replacing the regulator and that didn't work.

Well, last weekend, the alternator quit again. I did happen to have the extra voltage regulator on hand thinking this was the cause. It wasn't. Fortunately I had the receipt for the $140 alternator and it had a two year warranty on it so I took it in and the parts place exchanged it with another rebuilt unit; I installed it and I'm back in business.

I am beginning to wonder how long this one will last.

Do any of you experience short lived rebuilt alternators?

Also, do any of you buy new (not rebuilt) alternators when it is time to replace, and how long do they last in your MB diesel?

I wonder if the short life has to do with the diesel engine shaking the alternator to the point that the diods may become dislodged.

'82 240D
'87 300SDL

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