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Angry 230.4 Can Anyone Repair This Car?

I have a 1975 230.4 with the 175 CDT stromberg. I cannot get this car to run within factory specs with all vacuum lines properly installed.

I have had 2 shops work on the car and the last guy hooked up the vacuum directly to the the distributor, diconnected everything else vacuum related and had it pass smog for me.

I have changed out the ignition to a MSD electronic ignition which has helped the secondary perfomance. However the (Factory) RPM relay box seems bad because I cannnot get the advance to switch on when the vacuum advance is run through the switchover valve.

Did I remove something that told the RPM relay box the RPM when I removed the stock control box? This car has been a complete headache.

The only thing I have not changed out is the RPM relay box and the relay box.
I hesitate as I do not know if they will work without the stock ignition box.


By the way I have found and repaired several vacuum leaks all resulting in resetting everything and the same end result. I have also installed all new vacuum switchover valves.
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