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Wink 0-59 Well thanks anyway I fixed the problem.

To all 230.4 owners. If you convert to electronic iginition disconnect the old igintion box under the battery tray.

remove all wires hook up the new ignition per manual. Then coming out the RPM relay box (closest to the fire wall in drivers side) The manual shows a Green wire marked C. It shows it going to Double Cable connector term7 ZV??? (RPM FEED????)

Who cares. Just remove the cable to the box and take off the cover on the back of the cable plug exposing the wires. Solder a wire to the green wire. Take the other end to a RPM feed source, my MSD ignition has a RPM out I plug into there. Voala! My RPM switches to all Vauum switches operated by the RPM switch relay box now operates.
Vacuum advance is hooked up properly and the car runs as designed.

If you change this cars ignition and do not get a RPM signal to that switch the car will never run properly. You need the 2000 RPM switch to activate advance at 2000 RPM or you will have to move out of the way of people on wheelchairs or advance your timing so far the car will run like crap. Or as the mechanic who did not know what he was doing on my car hooked advance directly to distributor causing the car to run like crap!

Good Luck
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