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Cracked Head 260E

YEAR: 1987
> MAKE: Mercedes
> MODEL: 260E (Built in Germany)
> COLOR: black
> PART(S): cylinder head
> COMMENTS: 280,000 miles, but body still high gloss and
fantastic shape...was blowing oil for couple of years, only when idleing and starting out...used about a quart every 1000...down to about 500... had valve seal replaced and it got worse...not better.

last month all of a sudden and coolent starting blowing out of
reservoir...local mechanic took head off and sent to machine shop... they report head is cracked...I went up to check out was in good shape...

local guy does not think new head is best way to
go, as lots of miles on the engine...

but engine ran like a top before head cracked...even with pushing oil out....plenty of pep...and no knocks or slaps, etc. queit.
I am retired on small pension, last thing I needed....well maybe next to the last.

The A/C is shot too and front seal on trans leaks.

Local guy, neve used before, does big business, lots of commercial trucks and vans too... But finding out from locals, charges arm and leg.

In any event, he was thinking replace with used engine...and could replace seal easy with engine out...or get rebuilt engine...he was supposed to get back to me...has had car for 3 weeks now...still waiting.

Meanwhile, I shopped on line...rebuilt engines seem to range from 3500 to 6,000... I could buy two 260s for that.

used from 500 to 3,500... one with 66K but wants 1800 (us dollars). \

I found used head for 75.00, having it shipped now.

But don't know...what this guy will think of that...if his machine shop will ok it... if I should just clean it up, check it with a level, and put in on... or have valves reseated...or rebuilt first...

Should have him pull engine and replace rings and bearings, with stock ones, not have it turned...someone said could easily replace rings without pulling the whole engine, local guy thinks better to pull the engine...dollars and more dollars...

anyone know a good reasonable mercedes guy in Maryland/Delarware area...

suggestions, ac/ trans leak, head, needs brakes too, only redeeming value is it looks great...rides nice too
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