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Angry 450SL Tranny issue

Sorry to post yet another one of these transmission questions, but I read the old threads (around 10 pages worth) and didn't see my exact symptoms. I have a 77 450 SL, around 98K miles. My car, in addition to having the infamous two second delay into reverse, also exhibits the following behavior:

1. On a shift from reverse to drive (but not park to drive) will drop abruptly and heavily into gear with a loud thunk.

2. Usually will not properly drop into gear the first time I select the gear - forward or reverse, makes no difference. I have to slightly rev engine, sometimes two or three times, before I engage into the gear. Once engaged, I upshift without difficulty. On downshifts, sometimes on my first stop after first putting the car into a forward gear, I hear a little flaring noise, as if the tranny didn't get all the way settled in. Once its "settled in" it upshifts and downshifts without a problem.

Fluid is proper height (checked warm, level surface, engine idling in park) and color.

I do have a small leak from the front seal (occasionally see a drop of transmission fluid, usually doesn't even show up on the floor).

Thanks to all you wiser heads out there.

82 300 SD
77 450 SL (gone)
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