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Why Shouldn't I do This? Starting Issue

Fresh off a journey into my transmission (Transmission Leaks in reverse only! Front seal?) I now find myself grappling with the non-starting issue which got me into that journey to begin with. While having the transmission out i pulled the starter, bench tested it, cleaned it up, oiled it and rebuilt a back-up. As it was fine I began to suspect a faulty neutral safety switch or ignition switch. After every test I can think of I believe i might have both issues going on simultaneously. I am as certain as i can be that the NSS has gone bad, but only one of the (two?) switches in it, as the reverse lights work along with the ignition buzzer. I also believe my ignition switch is bad because i put on a spare neutral safety switch that does work and the car still doesn't start and other tests indicate I am not getting anything at the NSS plug fron the ignition switch when the ignition is turned into the start position.

So my question is this: If both of these switches are bad but the only thing that doesn't happen is that the car fails to start why would i not just install a mechanics starter kit and run it up through the dash into the car and start it this way, completely bypassing the neutral safety switch and the ignition switch altogether? It seems like a completely viable alternative and would be much less hassle and cost less than dealing with both of these issues, taking chances with used parts, etc... Or could there be something else wrong along with these two things that I might be missing.

as always all input and brainstorms welcome.
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