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help fixing a bolt/nut

Hey all, I have a 89 300SEL to be exact. On the passenger seat, if you lift up the plastic flaps that cover the screws that hold the base of the seat to the car, i broke the nut that was welded on underneath the car from tightening it too hard I suppose, with a screw that I thought fit nicely. But at any rate, it broke off and now the screw spins and spins and spins and it never stops. I've tried pulling up and turning, nothing works. I could cut the screw but then the bolt with the other half of the screw would fall and sit inbetween the floor of the car and the bottom panel of the car and rattle and rattle, which would be fine with me, if someone can tell me how to get underneath there. There is a panel under there which is blocking access to the broken nut. Anyone know? Because I need to put another nut there and re-fasten it. I'd really appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thanks!
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