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Thanz All, The Spiderman has blossumed

Brothers of the Benz, You can't imagine how humble I feel with all of your concern. Ofcourse I deserve your love and effection.
A small bout with Mr. Illness and I'm partial back prepared to spend hait and discontent, Ha Ha.
It appears that we the owners of the MBs with high miles are experiencing the dreaded hardening of the Ole Stemo Seals and enlargening of our stem guides I.D.
One would think we should see our groinacolgist? As Archie Bunker would say.
The barn door was left open and the stem guides and seal have runded away.
Let's hope that on the next chapter that we do as we as supposed to.
Motor oil costs less than major engine repair.
I'm one who has over the past 15 years has thrown away good motor oil by making the premature changing frquency per others schedules and the engine and oil companies recommendations. All I could see at the early stages was momey down the drain,(before we had to collect our old stinky oil.)
But now with my 300 having passed 180Kmiles approaching 200K and the cam cover never been removed it makes one wonder?
I've always been a topsider, long before it was chique.
At 3500-5000 mile frequencies and it has paid off.
I had the opportunity on my last trip to New Mexico and in the west Texas Hill Country; to let Joan drop me off at the bottum of a LONG down hill grade. See approached the top at 80mph released the cruise control and coasted to the bottom using engine braking then she applied full throttle to go up the other side.
Yep you guessed it, NO BLUE puffy smoke.
Fresh oil is the life of the valve guides and the stem seals.
Soooo, the next time around, you can pay me now or pay me later, so the commercial says.
I've never calulated the dollars spent on oil vs. that on cylinder head repair, has anyone?
Well to close I AINT BRAGGEN just saying it like it is!
Happy Trails Beep Beep from Donal The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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