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Wierdo Transmission

Still driving the old girl (in winter no doubt) and still no end in sight for the transmission problem I have. The car (when cold, or sitting for more than an hour) will (in park or neutral) put itself into drive. I correct this by manually putting the shifter in drive and back into neutral and everything runs fine until I leave the car sitting a while again.

I have had the linkage checked and nothing can be found wrong with the linkages. I've had the fluid and filter changed and no excess dirt or metal pieces were found in my pan.

Some suggest it may be a computer related problem, but I didn't think I'd have a computer on a 1976 car.

I'm completely stumped, but I don't believe taking off the tranny and going inside will solve anything (but my bank account).

Any help will be appreciated.


1976 230 W115
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