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"FIXED--DIY Added" Seat Flex cable on 1994 E320 Stripped--Now What?

My power seat has malfunctioned with the seat bottom at maximum vertical height. When you try to lower or tilt the seat bottom, only the left side of the seat adjusts--the right side stays at max height. This causes the seat to twist markedly to the left--not good. If I leave it at max height, the seat is straight but my head touches the sunroof.

After researching the problem in the site archives, I concluded that one of the seat flex cables is broken or has popped out its drive socket. I removed the seat and located the offending cable. I removed the retaining clip from the motor end and twirled the cable and it freewheeled. So I then tried to seat the cable deeper in the square drive socket to see if it would engage the seat adjuster, but no dice--still freewheeled. Tried to remove the cable to look at the square end that goes into the seat adjuster mechanism to see if it was perhaps rounded, but it won't come out. I removed the retaining clip on the seat adjuster end, and the black outer sheath slipped right off the flex cable, but the steel flex cable is still firmly stuck in the adjuster drive socket.

I assume this means something inside the "adjuster housing" is stripped/broken and is jamming the cable removal. Anybody know if this "adjuster housing" is a repairable item and if it is something that a shade tree mechanic can do? If I have to do a junkyard search, what is the correct name for the part that the flex cable fits into?

Thanks in advance for any info/suggestions.

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