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I am the actual driver of the car. Thank's for the info in response to my dad's posting. We are checking out your suggestions right away.
I have a better description of the problem that might help with any diagnosis.
The car will be running fine, then randomly the check engine light may flicker. There is an abrupt power loss(car slows down by 5 to 10mph) (then return) as the light goes off then back on. This may happen then no problem for a day or so. At other times the light will stay on and i have to pull over because i can not keep up with traffic. I turn the car off for a minute the restart and most of the time the problem dissapears. The stalling comes sometimes when i come to a stop while the light is flickering. The revs tend to jump slightly then bottom out as the car dies. If i put the car in neutral and keep the revs up I can keep the car from stalling.
Hopefully the added description may help narrow down the problem.
Thanks for your time