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door hard to shut, 300SD

I have an 85 300SD for about 1 1/2 years now that the drivers door won't completely shut unless it's really slamed, I mean hard. Car has 105,000. I'm 3rd owner and I can see that the front had some minor damage and repainted sometime ago. The visable damage is a small bend in the brace below the radiator on the passenger side and a crack in the radiator shroud on the same side. I have installed new "eye" piece on the door frame (both fronts) and adjusted it so there is no binding or rubbing on closing, tried adjusting the door hinges, moved the eye piece all of the way out so much so that wind whisles at speed. Nothing changes the hard closing. I have checked that the closing mechanism on the door is not any harder to rotate than the rear doors, which close easily - just like all of the doors do on my 85 380SE in MI. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Also the passenger front is a little harder to shut than the rear doors but is acceptable, unlike the driver door. Thanks for any info.
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