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Battery keeps dying W123 300D Turbo

Hello there!

Just changed the alternator. Cleaned the wire harness connectors. Check the fuse box for draw (no draw in any fuses). Had the battery taken to autozone (took battery out of car). They say holds charge.

Very little energy left in battery to start the car. Very slow cranking.
When car turns on for the first time after it was shut down. I don not rev the engine more than 900 rpm. I turn on the dome light. The light emits very dim. I then give the car some pedal action. It will rev to about 3k. Somewhere between 1k and 3k rpm the dome light will become very bright. At this point all electrical is active.

While the dome light is dim and I drive very slow and light city driving; The car will not have current flowing in the electrical system supplied from the alternator. Instead the current draw will be from the battery. I now this because, at first radio will work and lights will work. Then everything dies. But if I drive hard and accelerate with higher RPM's for like 10 seconds, the car is then fine and all electrical works.

Lately, even when I drive hard to activate the electrical system, later the battery doesn't charge, no matter how long I drive.

Dunno what could cause this. Any suggestions.
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