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Well I got the car back today. It took two days to fix. On Wednesday they told me the the stop switch was bad and that was causing the ABS and ASR warning lights. The roll bar warning was caused by a weak battery. I believed the switch the battery sounded fishy. The battery is four years old so its probably near the end of its life anyway so ok, go ahead. Also I didn't see the tie in that caused them to fail at the exact same time. The didn't finish it yesterday and still hadn't by lunch time. At 3:00 they called and said they found some other problems. After replacing the above parts the still had voltage problems and finally traced it to coroded connections and bad wires under the fuse block. This then fixed the problems. They said this was in addition to the other stuff. It seems fine now but I am a little concerned by wiring problems under the fuse block. I hope this isn't the first of many connection problems. Total for this repair was $750. Thanks for your help.