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I'm planning to change-over the A/C system in my SLC to R134a (leaking compressor). I already have a new compressor, expando-valve, temp-switch and rec/drier. I'm planning on doing the job myself. Very ambitous no doubt - I'm good with wrenches.

I've already got the R12 recovered and am ready to proceed, short a few lingering questions.

PAG oil or POE oil. The retro-kit I got has POE oil. Manufacturer of compressor says PAG oil. If so, which viscosity ?

What's the big difference between PAG and POE.

How do you keep the compressor from clobbering the tranny line underneath ? From the looks of it, the compressor/carrier may just lean-up against the block and sub-frame to the outside and not 'drop' onto my tranny line. Is this correct ?

Thanks for all replies.

Steve Guilford

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P.S. Anybody else think SLC are a sleeping classic waiting to wake up ?