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Question ABS Brake System

To All:

I have a 1995 G 320, staright six, automatic, short wheel base four wheel drive. My problem is that my ABS light has come on. Replaced relay and fuse, when I push the transfer case lock switch on the dash to ingage the transfer case the ABS light goes out. I also have a on and off switch for the ABS unit (light stays on regardless of on or off switch, unless the transfer case switch is turned on, ABS switch is turned off and ABS light comes back on), turn off transfer case switch and ABS comes on regardless of ABS switch. Sounds confusing, but I am trying to give all the symptoms regarding the light being on.

I have the Bosch ABS ECU #017 545-42 32, and was wondering if there is a shop that can test the unit (out of the car?). I am located in the Seattle area, any help would be appreciated.


Tom V
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