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Well I finally did it. I've convinced pop, a Cadillac man of 20+ years, to consider a superior car. He's willing to spend about $40K since that what a new Cad costs.
Looking in the paper it appears a '96 or '97 loaded E-class or stripped S-class is possible. I know he likes the big car feel so I'm thinking an S320. However, he's driven my 300E which he thinks is a bit under powered and we do live in a somewhat hilly area (north of San Francisco) so an E420 is another consideration. Since he's always offered to give me his old cars (although I havn't taken him up on it) I'm thinkin' 500E. Seriously, we will be looking this weekend and am wondering if were in the right ballpark, are there other models we should consider (diesel, etc), or ones we should avoid (diesel, etc).
As always, thanks!

John H