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90 CE Oil in Coolant.

I first want to thank everyone for all the great advice. I'm a first time MB owner (89 300CE - 50K).

After reading the archives, I still have some questions about Oil in the coolant tank.

I've found another (90 CE) from a local guy who was commenting on the shape of mine at the gas station. Apparently, he was getting oil in the coolant and now has the car in storage (150K miles, car is started about once a month).

Can someone give me some further details / specifics on this problem, details about a head gasket replacement etc?

I've been wondering if I can't pick this up from the guy at a "nice price" and kill 2 birds with one stone:

1: get experience working on the car.
2: have a nice 2nd 300 CE after I'm all done.

The car was , I'm told very well serviced from MB Dealer and still runs like a top.

As a previous ASE certified mech, I've done quite a few head gaskets in my time but would appreciate any input on this particular job on the MB.

Thanks Again,

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