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Need some transmission advice.

Hello all, I would welcome some input in regards to my 1985 380 se, 225,000 miles. This car runs beautifully and looks quite nice for an older car, a very nice ride indeed. Black paint with tan leather, I thoroughly enjoy the car. After owning this vehicle for 5 months I realized a new transmisson was in order and was not overly dismayed because I plan on keeping the car for several more years. Being a faithful daily reader of this forum and a devoted archive reader I decided to have the rebuild done by a reputable mercedes independant mechanic. I was told that his transmission work was done by a very qualified tech who rebuilds units for a local mercedes dealer, and would include a two year, 24K mile warranty for $1900. Not cheap, but not overly expensive, very reasonable in my opinion. This is removed, rebuilt, and re-installed. The core from my vehicle was to be rebuilt, so a two week wait was in order, not a big problem, I have access to a second vehicle.
I was notified today that my core was unable to be rebuilt due to previous work being done to it and incorrect parts being used, some of which were entirely wrong for this transmission. I was told that in lieu of that I now have a completely rebuilt after-market transmission, which will carry the same warranty (slightly higher price than with my core) if I have the radiator removed and replaced.. Another reason for the failure was coolant from the radiator(aftermarket and inferior I was told ). I changed the tranny fluid (and filter) twice prior to taking it to this shop and did not notice any coolant or water in the drainage pan (or on me for that matter!) If a new radiator is in order, so be it.
Why the transmission failed is a moot point, it was not of my doing. My primary concern is having a rebuilt aftermarket transmission as opposed to a rebuilt Mercedes unit.
I welcome your suggestions and advice and thank you in advance, Rainman.
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