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FWD came into being, full force with the introduction of the much touted GM-X car. Citation, etc. Motor Trend car of the Year.
(Like the Vega and Neon, etc. great choices huh?)

Main purpose was cost savings; i.e. Easier to build from a drivetrain perspective, easier to install on the assembly line, less moving parts.

While I like RWD, my Camry's have served me well. It does work great in the snow.

The statement concerning the GS Lexus line is incorrect. The GS Line has the same drivetrain as the Supra, Inline 6 with a Transmission to Driveshaft to Rear End.

GS 400 now has a V-8 in same configuration.

The ES 250/300 models have FWD and is based on the same chassis as the Camry.

All excellent cars. Trouble is, I kept finding rice everywhere though.