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check the engine number, could have different cams with smaller lift and duration, number is on back of the cam once the valve cover is off you should be able to see it with a mirror, I'm not sure what the number was on my 500SE Euro, but when I changed my engine, it had a different block, heads, cams and intake, bigger I mean, I didn't bother with finding the parts, so I just got a whole 380SE US engine, mine still doesn't have cats or a smog pump, but it doesn't need them because mine is waived from emissions, best way to check yours would be to get the engine number, sits on the left side of engine at bottom of the head, I believe yours is a 117 number, my 500SE was a 116 number as for other things, guage cluster is still Euro, seat belts Euro, has the door stamp with importer name, different suspension, Euro bumpers, and all these buttons on the center dash which I can't figure out since I've never seen them on any other 380 or 500, the vin number is not on the window beam, its under the hood agianst the firewall, different than the US, the turn signal does not disengage automatically like the US, the cruise control is in all german writing, maybe others had that, I'm not sure though, I'm sure their are other things different but I just drive the car, no one has said anything to me yet
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