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ASR + ABS lights + no cruise = ???

Well, I've joined the ranks of folks with funny electrical glitches to unravel. Yesterday the car worked fine, cruise worked, etc, etc. Today, right after startup, the ASR light and the ABS light came on and the cruise is no longer working. If I shut down and restart, the lights may stay off (about half the time), but the cruise still doesn't work.

I of course did a search, and it seems that this combination of warning lights usually means low voltage. I checked voltage at the battery and it was 14.7 volts at idle with lights and radio and climate control fan on . . .

Any other ideas? I don't have an overvoltage protection gizmo on this model (119 engine).

I don't know if this is relevant or not but the other problem I'm having is a leaky power steering reservoir, due to get resealed next week. I even wondered if PS fluid is getting into the alternator (since the reservoir is right above the alternator), but I would think the voltage would be low and I'd get a charging system light on if that were true. The serpentine belt looks fine (not oily).

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