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Ok, so I figured I could go to the only Junkyard that I know of in a proximity of 2 hours that has a 83 300D. I bought a door and some misc of stuff last month. So I figured I would give them a call. They said the car still had the P/S Pump.

I got there and said I needed some bolts to the P/S pump. I guess I should have known that they weren't going to sell just the bolts to me. $100.00 Later and another 30 minutes. I left with a P/S pump, and 4 Bolts. 3 used to mount it and 1 that has the Plastic wedge that provides tension. I guess this will go to my currently growing inventory of parts I don't need ATM

I would have worked on it as soon as I got home but I would'nt have had enough time to finish. So I guess when I adjust the belt tension I will just use my judgement. But really what should the proper tension feel like?
1982 300D Turbo
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